# Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Jamie Cansdale (NUnitAddin) has recently started to use the SSCLI tests to verify the output of Reflector.

"The Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure 1.0  is a compressed archive of the source code to a working implementation of the ECMA CLI and the ECMA C# language specification. This implementation builds and runs on Windows XP, the FreeBSD operating system, and Mac OS X 10.2." says the description. If you download this file, you will see that it ships with tons of tests that are used to test the CLI implementation. Each one of the test classes is to be compiled into a console application that returns 0 if successful, 1 otherwise.... Could we harness those test using a test framework ?

First try: all tests in one assembly

Since each fixture is designed to be compiled as a console, we just need to look for classes with a static Main method, load them and execute the main method. This is rather optimistic because it assumes that you can compile all the tests into a single assembly and then load, which is not true because a lot of classes are duplicated and clashes. Anyway, I managed to load some of them "just for fun":

Second try: dynamic compliation

Jamie was ahead of me and had already the solution. He designed a bunch of helper classes that dynamically load the files, compile, and execute them. This combined to a CodeSmith template that would generate a huge fixture (one case per file), he had this harnessed for NUnit. Jamie is kind of "shy" (sorry Jamie) and does not want to write about the amazing stuff he is doing with testing. So if you want to know how he managed to wrap up SSCLI tests in NUnit in a record time, give him a shout ! 

That's all for today, I'll have to modify MbUnit to integrate Jamies work... 

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