# Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pex has a couple samples that get bundled in our installer. We have them in our main solution so that we get the benefits of Refactoring (that they still compiled :)). This approach has one little problem: the sample projects are referencing the Pex projects... which are not shipped! If packaged as is, they'll never compile on the user's machine.

ProjectReference -> Reference

We solved this problem by implementing an MSBuild task that 'patches' .csproj project files by replacing ProjectReference nodes with Reference:

<ProjectReference Include="..\..\..\Pex\Framework\Microsoft.Pex.Framework.csproj">


<Reference Include="Microsoft.Pex.Framework">...</Reference>

There's a bit of coding involved to it (resolving the assembly name, selecting the appropriate projects, etc...) but that's basically it :)

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