# Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Picture-in-Picture is a very cool feature of Camtasia that allows to embed a movie stream into a screencast. It makes the screencast more lively while keeping a perfect quality of the computer screen. You've seen this kind of screencast all over the place on Channel9. Unfortunately, this feature was limited for screen recording and whiteboard session would never look that good since we had to zoom in and out to capture… not anymore.

We invested in an eBeam device that can capture the pen strokes on any whiteboard and display them on the computer. Using this device, we can do Picture-in-Picture for Whiteboard recordings! Using that device, we use the following setup: a camera on a tripod to record the person on the whiteboard, the eBeam capture software running and Camtasia recording the computer screen. The first result of this experiment is the first episode of a new show, The Verification Corner, where Rustan Leino explains Loop Invariants. The other benefit of recording the whiteboard is that you get a hard copy out it. If you go to the Channel9 page, you’ll see that you can also download a .pdf or .pptx of all the whiteboard that Rustan wrote during the session… Go check it out and tell us what you think…


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# Thursday, December 17, 2009

Je viens du publier une video en francais sur les Code Contracts et Pex avec Manuel.


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