# Tuesday, July 13, 2004

After this afternoon crash of the blog, it is time to get back to some fun activities...and today code coverage is the program. I will be using NCover (gotdotnet) but other tools could apply also.

There is one thing that strikes me with code coverage: there is almost no efficient tool to visualize coverage (I'm leaving aside Team System for now). Usually the framework that compute the coverage already have a big job to do with computing it, and the visualization is somehow "left to the user". It seems to me that this part of the job is not trivial also because of the quantity of information that has to be processed: an assembly can have hundreds of types, thousands of methods. This motivates the introduction of some new...  Reflector Addins for code coverage visualization.

Coverage in a TreeMap

A natural way of visualizing coverage is to use the TreeMap that I was previously using for the Type TreeMap addin.With some minor modifications, we have the following result: the figure shows the test coverage of NCollection project (green is fullly covered, red is not covered).

NCover and Reflector

The most difficult/annoying part of this work was to create the bridge between NCover and Reflector, because of slight difference in the way name, assembly and modules are named.

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