# Monday, September 22, 2008

How do you write good parameterized unit tests?
Where do they work the best?
Are there some Test Patterns ? Anti Patterns?

This is the kind of questions that we have received many times from Pex users. We just released Pex 0.7 which contains a list patterns and anti-patterns for parameterized unit testing (this is still a draft but we feel that we already have a number of good patterns that would be helpful for anyone giving a shot at Pex):

Note that most of the patterns in this document are not Pex specific and apply to parameterized unit tests in general; including MbUnit RowTest/CombinatorialTest/DataTest, NUnit RowTest, MSTest Data Test, etc…

The amazing ‘quadruple A’ pattern

The ‘triple A’ pattern is a common way of writing a unit test: Arrange, Act, Assert. Even more ‘A’crobatic, we propose the ‘quadruple A’ where we added one more ‘A’ for assumption:


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