# Saturday, August 28, 2004

Reflector version:
Reflector.Graph version:
Download: www.dotnetwiki.org

Before getting the new version, make sure you have a look at the release notes below!

Important Changes:

  • The graphs are now visualized in SVG by embedding Internet Explorer inside Reflector. Make sure you have a SVG viewer that works with IE installed on your machine. I strongly recommend Adobe SVG Viewer.
  • The version number of the assemblies is now following Reflector version. Hence, current version number is

Release Notes:

  • The Assembly Graph and IL graph now have clickable nodes. In general, clicking on a vertex will move the selection to that element in the Reflector tree.
  • The Assembly Graph now shows all the referenced even if they are not loaded. Click on a unloaded assembly will load it in Reflector,

Adobe SVG viewer tips:

If you are using Adobe SVG viewer, here are a few tips:

  • Alt + left down + move move = panning the view,
  • Ctrl + left click = zoom in,
  • Ctrl + Shift + left click = zoom out,
  • Ctrl + left click + mouse move = zoom region,
  • Right click pops up the SVG viewer context menu.

Here's the new look of the Assembly graph.

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