# Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This new functionality enables you to specify a tabular list of test cases that are to be feeded to the test method. Let me illustrate that with the floating point division testing (as in the FIT framework Simple Example ):

numerator denominator quotient()
1000 10 100.0000
-1000 10 -100.0000
1000 7 142.85715
1000 .00001 100000000
4195835 3145729 1.3338196

You can now translate this directly to C# in MbUnit using the RowTestAttribute and the RowAttribute:

public class DivisionFixture
    public void DivTest(double numerator, double denominator, double result)
        Assert.AreEqual(result, numerator / denominator, 0.00001 );

Of course, these tests are not very well targeted because we do not test the “special” floating point values such as 1,0,double.MaxValue, double.MinValue, NaN but you get the picture.

What if a test should throw ? In that case, you can specify the exception type as an additional parameter in the RowAttribute constructor:

    [Row(1,0,0, ExpectedException = typeof(ArithmeticException))]
    public void DivTest(double numerator, double denominator, double result)

The final output of the tests is as follows where you can see that 5 tests (one per row) were generated and executed.

Info: Found 5 tests
Info: [assembly-setup] success
Info: [success] RowTestDemo.DivTest(0)
Info: [success] RowTestDemo.DivTest(1)
Info: [success] RowTestDemo.DivTest(2)
Info: [success] RowTestDemo.DivTest(3)
Info: [success] RowTestDemo.DivTest(4)
Info: [assembly-teardown] success
Info: [reports] generating HTML report
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