# Thursday, June 10, 2004

TypeGraph Addin:

This is the first preview of the next killer Reflector addin: Type Graph. The addin visualizes the type inherance thourgh a graph. If a namespace or a type is selected in the Reflector tree, the corresponding graph nodes are highlighted in green.

Why such an add-in ?

Besides outputing nice graphics, Type Graph has real software analysis potential (to my point of view). For example, it can be used to visualize Code Coverage: each day, your automated test automaton creates a big poster of the application, gray nodes are not covered, red have failed some tests and green are ok. You could even make a movie and play smart at the next TechEd :) And that's just the beginning...

Thanks to Jamie (NUnitAddin) suggested me the coverage application


mscorlib graph with System.Reflection namespace highlighted

The algorithm are based on force directed layout which I found in Maxime Melchior final work (one of our student).

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