# Sunday, November 20, 2005

I have updated my Reflector Addins (download available at http://projectdistributor.net/Releases/Release.aspx?releaseId=274 ).

  1. The big change is that I have splitted the addins into many assemblies which let you load more selectively which one you want.
  2. The second change is that most of the addins are now compiled against .Net 1.1. All the 1.1 addins are in the root directory, while the ones requiring 2.0 are in the 2.0 folder (which also contains a config file)!

.net 1.1 addins:

  • Reflector.CodeMetrics.dll (CodeMetrics)
  • Reflector.Rules.dll (Rules)
  • Reflector.ComViewer.dll (COM viewer)
  • Reflector.DesignViewer.dll (PropertyGrid, Control, XmlSerializer)
  • Reflector.TreeMap.dll (Type Tree Map)

.net 2.0 addins:

  • Reflector.Graph.dll (Assembly Graph, IL Graph, Statement Graph)
  • Reflector.CodeGeneration.dll (Code Generators)
  • Reflector.IronPython.dll (IronPython console. Requires IronPython assemblies in path!)
  • Reflector.Languages.dll (Reflection.Emit language)
  • Reflector.Coverage.dll (Coverage visualization)


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# Tuesday, November 01, 2005

There's a new addin in Reflector.Framework that let's you load COM typelib in Reflector (i.e. it generates the assembly and loads it for your).

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There are 3 different builds for my addins, depending on the kind of depencies they require. *This is list depicts the features of the next drop*. All projects can be found on projectdistributor.net.

Each flavor is mutually exclusive! Pick your flavor depending on the dependencies and features that your are looking for!


  • Common requirements:
    • Reflector (or higher)
    • .Net 2.0 Redist


  • Reflector.CodeMetrics:
    • Nothing else
  • Reflector.Graph:
    • Dependency on NGraphviz (unmanaged assembly)
    • SVG viewer
  • Reflector.Framework:
    • Dependency on NGraphviz (unmanaged assembly)
    • SVG viewer


  • Reflector.CodeMetrics
    • CodeMetrics
    • Coverage datagrid
  • Reflector.Graph
    • Assembly Graph
    • IL graph (not bullet proof)
    • Statement Graph (not bullet proof)
    • Class diagram (alpha)
    • Method invocation graph (alpha)
    • Typed Dataset (alpha)
  • Reflector.Framework
    • All the addins from Reflector.CodeMetrics + Reflector.Graph
    • XmlSerializer viewer (see your object as if it was "XmlSerialized") *locks the assembly*
    • Control viewer (see your winforms control) *locks the assembly*
    • PropertyGrid viewer (see your object as if it was in a PropertyGrid control) *locks the assembly*
    • COM loader (compiles assembly for COM type libraries)  *New*
    • Reflector.Emit language
    • Type TreeMap (supports coverage)
    • IronPython console




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