The Best Premium E-juice Flavors To Choose From

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It’s great to have a few good flavors per brand. But, when it comes to having premium flavors, consistency is the key. A vape user doesn’t want to buy 15 flavors to find only one or two of them are great-tasting while the others have little flavor. Overall quality is essential to become one of the best e-juice brands. Of course, you don’t have to try every flavor from every brand to find the premium brands. That is what we’re here for.

A poll that was conducted voted that the premium flavors come from Black Note. This is a premium brand with some of the best flavors on the market. They aren’t the cheapest company out there, but where they lack discounts they make up for in quality. These e-liquids are $29 for a 30ml bottle, but you won’t be disappointed when you give them a try. They have a fairly limited selection of top flavors, but they do offer many of the staples, such as tobacco, menthol, and even the fruity flavors.

On the same list were many other big-names, such as Five Pawns, The Vapor Chef, and Mr. Good Vape. These brands offer some of the top flavors in e-liquids, providing their customers with continued quality. They received a good deal of votes, putting them in the top five best e-juice flavors. Another A-lister was the VaporFi reserve collection. This collection received praise as premium flavors. The general assortment of VaporFi may not have the same premium flavors, but the reserve collection definitely deserved a place on the list.

Halo E-liquids and Vape Wild also made the list. These are some of the bigger names in the industry, recognized by any and every e-liquid user. These companies provide high quality e-liquids that put them on the top of the market. Vape Wild is praised for the taste of their e-liquids, offering flavors that closely mimic the real deal. They have such a wide assortment of premium flavors that it’s almost hard to choose from. All while offering their e-liquids as such an affordable cost that you can sample a variety of those top flavors and taste them for yourself. While Halo delivers the same consistency, their flavors range more towards the taste of tobacco than those of the fruits and desserts.

These companies were voted in by people just like yourself. The reviews were not paid for, they were not biased. They were simply vape users who wanted to share their experience, to help you determine the best experience for yourself. After all, community is valuable, especially when it comes to spending money. You don’t want to waste your money on what you believe are premium flavors. Instead, you want to hear what other people have tried and tested and decide for yourself what you’re willing to spend.

Although these companies are voted to have the top flavors for e-juices, please keep in mind that taste buds are unique. While one person may say a particular e-juice is filled with flavor, you may find it lacks. Be subject when you’re trying new e-liquid premium flavors for yourself.